Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers (RMGE)

RMGE is no longer active.

RMGE Team  Ben, Luna, Mike, Kris

2014 Update : The RMGE team has split up, all going their seperate ways. now contains archives of old podcasts.

NOTE: no longer contains our podcast files. It is no longer owned by RMGE.


PAST PODCASTS 2013 - 2014


SHOW 3 - Private Home Investigation paranormal activity:


SHOW 4 - EVP evidence from home investigation:


SHOW 5 - Family of extreme Haunted Property speaks with us about what they have experienced in their house since living there.

SHOW 6 - Our team parapsychologist, Ben, talks with us on matters of extreme interest during this first show of the new year. You will need a thinking cap while listening to Ben. We also discuss the Stanley Hotel hauntings, and tell you about the events in RMGEs future.


SHOW 7 - We talk about how Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorer team lead Kris gets her Extremely successful Spirit Box sessions. How does she do it? (See photos mentioned in podcast, below.)

VIDEO mentioned in podcast:  Flora Stanley appears in window at Stanley Hotel.

SHOW 9 - We talk about strange stories concerning possible parallel universes, time travelers, coins taken from a dream into the real world, a ghost story told by a ghost and more.


SHOW 10 - We interview two people about the house hauntings they have.


SHOW 11 - Experiences at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.


SHOW 13 - Children who see and talk to spirits.


SHOW 14 - We discuss our visit and stay in Room 401 at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.


SHOW 15 - We discuss our investigation at Cheeseman Park in Denver, Colorado.





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